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Sharper Image GP Ionic Breeze Review

Sharper Image GP Ionic Breeze

You may have come here to take a look at buying this air cleaner; however, I am going to give you a little background on Sharper Image before you consider that option. Not everything about Sharper Image is amazing. To be honest there is not much amazing about their air purifiers at all. They actually don't really exist anymore. They went bankrupt in 2008 and were bought out by a group of companies that continue to sell ionic air purifiers even though that is their original downfall. Before this they went as far as suing Consumer Reports about their bad review of them, which was "TRUE" and they had to pay half a million dollars to Consumer Reports because of it!

Now that I have gotten the bad information out there from the original manufacturer lets go into depth about the Sharper Image GP Ionic Breeze. I will show you what this air purifier has to offer, which is not much why you should look elsewhere for air purification. This review is already predetermined to show you why these air cleaners are a waste of money for many consumers that got sucked into the relentless infomercials in the late 1990s. Lucky for you that I show you what you should purchase if you still have problems with your air quality.


This version is a better one with more technologies that will allow it to actually clean things. Two things in particular are very important to this even though they sound quite simple. They have nothing to do with the ionic technology within this air cleaner.


Beyond the plastic construction you have many things that air must move through. Let it be known that the original ionic breeze didn't have fans, which spurs a lot of the information about their poor air filtration quality. If you can't pull air into the machine then you are cleaning nothing. The newer ones, which are old do not have fans as simple upgrades to this problem, but they still had some other issues to address. These issues may or may not have beend addressed and nobody really has done testing to see if they are true.

You get only a couple controls to mess with, which makes this simple. You have an "Off Switch" and two "On Switches". One of the On switches is "On/GP", which means it turns on the Ultraviolet light and enables it to kill bacteria and viruses. You also have a control for 3-4 ionic speeds depending on the model you purchase or own. You have warning lights that will tell you when your collector blades are getting full, but they should be cleaned before this goes off. They will fill up in around 2-3 weeks at the latest and even quicker if you smoke.

Ionic Technology

You might already know a lot about ionic technology and the high potential for ozone creation. Generally ozone generators are used for commercial purposes to remove odors and smells from places that have been on fire or spilled chemicals. Using in your house is bad thing because Ozone can cause you to have respiratory issues and that is what you are trying to get rid of. Of course, you need to be exposed to a high concentration of ozone because your body is already used to the low amounts of it that is created normally in our environment. large amounts of ozone are actually created during thunderstorms. They even found high up in the atmosphere during thunderstorms that "anti-matter" is created that is usually found in black holes!

Originally ionic breeze doesn't use fans or an claimed "OzoneGuard" and let ozone freely flow into your environment to electrostatically attach itself to particulates in your air and weigh them down to the ground or furniture. Now they have added fans and the OzoneGuard. This is closer to an electrostatic air filters do except these have an air filter instead of a charged metal blade to catch the charged particulates. This makes it continue to be a filterless-air-purifier as far as I am concerned. They are reluctant to change from their main selling prowess of having no air filters that need to be replaced, which cost people money over time, but gives them much higher quality of air cleaning.

Home UV Air Purifier

The GP part of the Sharper Image GP Ionic Breeze is short for germicidial protection. This is done by the UV lamp that is within this air purifier. A lot of air purifiers have implemented this technology into their air purifiers. It is a good implementation as long as the bacteria and viruses are exposed to the light long enough to be fully killed. If this is the case then it will kill over 99% of these pathogens. If the air moves to fast then they will just blow by and not be destroyed completely. It is better to have multiple lamps within your air ventilation system in buildings, but in an air purifier it will only get one chance. After this happens you have to hope it will get reabsorbed eventually.

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