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Ionic Breeze GP Air Purifier Review

Ionic Breeze GP Air Purifier

This air purifier is definitely one of the best "advertised" air purifiers on the market. At least that was true 10 years ago when they were in the height of their sales and marketing. Now people have learned the truth about the company and come to realize that simple advertising tricks won't make a good product. I feel that many other manufacturers didn't even bother with tv commercials after Sharper Image did theirs because of possible bad press and the limited supply of customers. Unknowingly the supply of customers is not small they are just skeptical of the whole air purifier business. They are skeptical for a good reason with many air purifiers not performing up to par with their needs. I have created my website to help those people get what they need and for just the right price.

The Ionic Breeze GP air purifier is one of the upgraded models that Sharper Image put out in an effort to keep their air purifiers "silent", but also provide better air filtration. The air filtration was not increased with this "Germicidal Protection", but they did add a new technology that stops bacteria and viruses 99% of the time. The only issue is the original issue. No fan equals no airflow, which means you can filter much air. That obviously means this product is a piece of junk like it always was.


Fortunately, for this explanation the technologies used in this air cleaner don't take up much space and are not too complicated. I wish that their was more performance capable from this machine, but it is not possible without the additions of fans and that would "ruin" their silent technology. I think they are just selling these to people who still think "silent" is more important than "functioning properly". A lot of people complain about air purifiers being noisy, but thats the way they work if you want one that actually does what it says it is supposed too.


The construction of the Ionic Breeze GP is nothing, but plastic, but that has nothing to do with it being bad or good. It just means if you knock it over you may have an easier time breaking it than an all steel device like the Austin Air Healthmate. When you spend this much for things it should last a very long time. The simple controls on the top is the same as most box fans with 3 speeds and selections for the germicidal protection. If you look at it for too long you may think that when you put it on low medium or high a sound should happen, but it doesn't because it does not use fans. Thats when you start to think about what you just bought and the fact that you have to rely on blind faith until you see dust collecting on the collector blades.

Home UV Air Purifier

The Ionic Breeze Germicidal Protection air purifier is a home ultraviolet air cleaner. The light is capable of killing 99% of bacteria and viruses going through the air. A lot of businesses with ventilation systems install UV lamps to kill pathogens that may go from room to room and continue to get patients sick. They also try to isolate individuals with extreme problems. Bad hospitals don't always do this extra step for you and that is why you may actually "get sick" at the hospital where they are supposed to make you better. I personally don't like going to the hospital because of the smells and the possibility of catching something that could mess up my weekend vacation.

Filterless Air Purifier

In a sense this is a filterless air purifier because it doesn't have any filters that will stop pollen, dust and pet dander like most air purifiers. The reason they do this is because they their ionic technology is strong enough to do just as good as a HEPA air filter. Unfortunately, for those of us who like things quiet it is a blatant lie that the government caught onto a long time ago. I am tired of the consumer being lied to and wasting their hard earned money on things that do not work or work well. Given the hard times we live in now it is even more important that you spend your money wisely.

Ionic technology isn't all bad, it depends on how and where you use the technology. Using ionic tecnhnology around people is bad because it produces ozone, which can collect in high amounts before it dissipates (3 days half life). Ozone can cause respiratory problems especially in those who already have problems and that is a bad thing. Ozone is naturally made in the world during thunderstorms most and gives you that just after a thunderstorm clean smell, which people actually think is the smell of "cleaning", which is false.

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