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Have you ever wondered do ionic air purifiers work? If so, you have come to the right place. You probably have read information back from 2005 that talks about its inherent problems. Many government actions took place to bar down on ozone creation within homes beacuse of its ability to harm people. However, now people have basically forgotten or ignored these facts with the technology being upgraded to decrease its concentration for home use. Many people still buy the old version, which were originally deemed harmful for home use anyway. In this article, I will show you exactly what is happening today with Ionic technology and how it will effect you!

What is Ionic or Ionizing Technology?

We first must discuss exactly what Ionic technology is before anything. Do Ionic air purifiers work is an easy question (Yes). The real question will be if it will work well for what your needs are! Many times your first question is not the one you want an answer for. ionic air purifiers have always worked correctly per design, but people really don't understand how they work because companies don't explain "completely" what happens during the "filtration process". Let it be known that only a small percent of ionic air purifiers actually filter the air or they say they do, but the ionized air can never make it back into the machine because of how ionic technology works. I will explain in the following sections.

Ionic refers to the negatively charged molecules that an ionic air purifier will push out into its environment. A piece of metal that is electrically charged inside the air purifier creates these by having air go by it and taking a positive "ion" from the air molecule. This makes the molecule a "negative ion" because it does not have a positive ion. I am sure you don't care much about the science lesson, but it is important to know how these air cleaners work so you know what you think you are smelling when you turn these on. In the outdoors ozone is created naturally and is in very low levels. It peaks during thunderstorms where the lightning does the exact same thing that I described making you smell that after a rainstorm smell, which is ozone. The air is clear and its easier to breathe and nature does its job. Of course rainstorms don't happen 24/7 like you could be making in your room and we know too much of a good thing is a bad thing. That is another wrinkle in the question of do ionic air purifiers work.

The important part of this is the fact that most of the things floating around in the air are positively charged. We know the famous song by Paula Abdul (Opposites Attract) with Roger Rabbit. Now the two molecules will connect because of this attraction and continue to be connected with others until it is too heavy to float in the air. The real problems start at the moment they are not able to continue to float. You would think it is out of the air so it is out of my nose correct? What you don't think about is where it goes after it is not in the air! HEPA air purifiers suck in floating air suck through a filter capturing particles that can irritate your respiratory system and some gases and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can be caught within activated carbon. However, most ionic air purifiers blow air out instead of in so they don't "filter" anything so you can guess where these particles are landing....(everywhere). In the next section, I will go over this process so you will totally understand what you are getting yourself into with some ionic air purifiers and how others have tried to improve upon their old processes that were deemed ineffective and harmful. Improving upon themselves will answer the question do ionic air purifiers work.

How Effective Is This Process?

The real answer to do ionic air purifiers work can be captured in how much air it can negatively charge in a period of time. Many of the older Ionic air purifiers didn't have fans so not much air went through the machine to become negatively charged, which reduced the amount of air cleaning significantly. However, over the last 15 years these have been upgraded with fans that fix the issue, but make these silent air cleaners noisy. It's a necessary evil for the technology. The real issue of do ionic air purifiers work comes down to the process they use to clean the air. As I was explaining beforehand about negative ions and opposites attracting, I didn't go through what happens after that. The particles fall to the floor, furniture, clothes and walls because their weight. Some of these air purifiers don't suck in air and only blow it out. Others do suck it in, but not at fast rates. Also these particles attach to each other very rapidly and it is a very low possibility that they will ever go back into the air purifier and get properly filtered like in HEPA air purifiers. That is one reason why you have asked do ionic air purifiers work.

The effectiveness answers the question do ionic air purifiers work by simply showing you how it works. You don't want to have to clean up particulates from the surfaces of your house. You don't want to smell fresh air to realize its ozone that shouldn't be smelled 24/7. You don't want to think that your home is cleaned when really you have just made a mess and possibly could be harming people with weak respiratory systems. Its a hard thing to think about, but these should not be used with a lot of frequency just like they are used commercially. They are there to solve a problem and then they are turned off.

What are the Disadvantages?

The real issue that most people have is the problems with the excessive distribution of negatively charged ions in your house. In the outdoors this is called "Ozone". It is naturally created all around us from tons of things and helps protect us from the sun's ultravoilet rays. However, when too much is within a given area it can be harmful to humans. Back 6-7 years ago the makers of Ionic air purifiers found out that their units were making making way too much ozone in the amount of Parts Per Million (PPM) for humans to naturally live in. They eventually lost millions of dollars in a court case and their is still no federal guidelines for ozone generation. You can read about this Ionic air purifier consumer report online.

This information still scares many people and for good right. It can be dangerous for people who have breathing or lung issues and are susceptible to illnesses. It can also cause these problems if you are around it for too long. Also it must be stated that the technology only works effectively if a fan is in the machine to push air through it. Now if the ionic air purifier is made to suck in air and then charge it and then filter that air immediately before it exits that is the best kind of ionic air purifier. Blueair makes air purifiers like these and it is the only one I will remotely state it good overrall. Most of the others suck in air and filter it through HEPA, activated carbon, etc... and then push out ozone as the last stage. They are in fact making the particles fall out of the air and preventing the air purifier from filtering them. As you can see this is counteracting the process and that I do not accept. Do ionic air purifiers work well in this scenario.....No!

In light of this, many people have moved to a safer alternative. These alternative are HEPA air purifiers. They contain a air filter media that is governed by the U.S. Government to meet certain guidelines and it is not harmful to your health. Most importantly, it is scientifically certified to remove air pollutants from the air! Do ionic air purifiers work.... Yes, but be prepared for the consequences. Many people have seen or felt the effects and they don't want to deal with any possible issues. HEPA air filters along with other technology like actived carbon, photocatalytic, UV and electrostatic air filters have proven to be safer than ionic air purifiers and you should think about investing in them yourself.

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