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Bionaire Air Purifier

The air purifier by Bionaire is selected a lot for small to medium size air quality problems within the home. What I mean by this is if you have a medical condition or need to take heavy medication for your allergies then these bionaire air cleaners will not work well enough for you. I am not saying that they are not good, but I am saying that they are not good enough. it all boils down to their performance and size.

Their top of the line bionaire air purifier is the Bionaire BAP9700. It ironically is one of the two that uses a "TRUE HEPA" air filter. I believe this is where they should be starting their line of products off at and move up from here, but have not invested much time or money with it. If you were to get a bionaire this would be the one I would suggest. The others are just too weak to really clean a room of any size within an amount of time before particles could reach the floor where they will become near impossible to remove except with a HEPA vacuum cleaner.

I will say that bionaire air purifiers remind me a bit of blueair air purfiiers, but at a lower scale. They don't actually have that much air filter media within them, but it still provides some cleaning ability. The air filters are on the small size because of the size of the air purifier and you can also find a UV air filter in one of these air purifiers that will better serve you, but will still be inefficient.

Bionaire HEPA Air Purifier Information

When I said the only two bionaire air purifiers was the only one with a real air purifier HEPA filter I was not playing. The rest are HEPA-like and at the most will filter 90% of particles down to 0.3 microns. Unfortunately I cannot promote the Bionaire BAP1300, which has had numerous problems with dying after a month or two. It is purely unacceptable for a product to do that at such a high percentage.

One thing that they all have is an electronic ionizer that can be turned on and off at your pleasure. It charged the polluted particles and then caught in the air filter. The foam pre-filter helps catch larger particles. The thing I don't like about the instructions is its statement about positive and negative ions being harmless. In small amounts they are harmless, but it is in effect (ozone), which in large amounts can start making you get sicker than you already are, but that would take a lot of time with the ionizer one and I don't recommend that.

One of the bionaire air cleaners has adopted the addition of UltraViolet light (UV) to get rid of living organism (bacteria and germs) floating in your air. This is something that hospitals always need in their air purification systems. The Bionaire BAP9900 has this along with a photocatalyst filter that helps stop odors and smells. Basically, they are charcoal air filters. As you see they have a wide range of items for most people's needs, but they are of a lower class and should only be used by people that have small problems.

Bionaire Air Purifier Reviews

I have written reviews for bionaire air purifiers within this section. They have more information than what I spoke of above and provide more facts if you are planning to buy one of them for yourself. Always make sure each air purifier you research has exactly what you need to fix your issues. Please contact me by email if you have any questions.

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